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Social media links for WiVR

Since Google Plus was the main way WiVR members communicated with one another, and that platform is now gone, the main alternative is the Women in Virtual Reality LinkedIn group, which has more than 400 members.

Female VR visionaries speak at Mondo.NYC conference

Music and technology converge at Mondo.NYC, a tech summit and music festival that starts today at New York University in New York City. During the day, Mondo.NYC will present discussions and demonstrations on a wide range of music industry, business and tech-related issues, including Virtual Reality, terrestrial and Internet radio and streaming services, policy issues …

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Member Profile: Hannah Gillis

Hannah Gillis is an entertainment producer with strengths in managing artistic and technical multi-disciplinary teams and integrating complex tasks, demonstrated in Industrial Light and Magic’s Experience Lab and Lucasfilm’s Advanced Development Group. Highlights include producing video teaser for ILMxLAB’s international launch and managing virtual reality and real-time cinema entertainment experiences. She has a passion for navigating uncertainty and empowering …

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Member Profile: Mary Mossey

Mary Mossey is a product manager at AltspaceVR, a social platform for virtual reality. She is responsible for defining product direction, deliverable scheduling, user testing, and integration of design and development team cycles. Previously, she was a freelance user interface designer and researcher specializing in technology for challenging and high-stakes environments such as military, automotive, and healthcare. What motivated you to …

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