Female VR visionaries speak at Mondo.NYC conference


Music and technology converge at Mondo.NYC, a tech summit and music festival that starts today at New York University in New York City.

During the day, Mondo.NYC will present discussions and demonstrations on a wide range of music industry, business and tech-related issues, including Virtual Reality, terrestrial and Internet radio and streaming services, policy issues relating to streaming, digital marketing, public relations and much more.

Conference participants include women influential in virtual reality, like Jenn Duong, a director who works mostly in immersive technology – and co-founder of the Women in VR MeetUp group (unaffiliated with this site). She’ll be among the speakers on a panel called “It’s Time to Pay Attention to VR.”

So will Storme Whitby-Grubb, founder and creative dDirector of the Los Angeles-based visual and virtual storytelling studio Imagu – and a former artist manager and tour producer. N.Y.U. professor Agnieszka Roginska will speak on a panel titled “What’s Next: Music and NYC’s Interactive Media Landscape,” which examines the role of VR, interactive video, immersive audio and other emerging technologies in the New York City music scene.

In the evening, more than 150 emerging artists from all over the world will perform at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City’s Lower East Side and at other independent music venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mondo.NYC runs until October 8. For the full conference program and a listing of artist showcases, or for more information about the summit, visit the event website.