Aussie men say ‘no’ to male-only panels

The all-male CEBIT panel that panelist Alan Jones called out on Twitter.

More than 30 men — so far — have signed an Australian pledge to say “No, thanks, mate” to invitations to appear on all-male panels.

“Every study into diversity and collaboration I’ve read supports the fact that it raises the collective IQ,” said Sydney-based Dan Gregory, CEO at The Impossible Institute. “The lack of diversity is as much an affront to our intelligence as it is an undeniable bias!”

“All male panels promote an outdated view of the world and continue to deny women the experience and recognition they deserve,” said Colin Ellis, a project management expert and author based in Melbourne.

Men outside Australia are signing the pledge, as well.

“Aside form the moral issue at play, diversity ultimately produces better work,” said London-based Liam Brennan, global digital director at ABC1. “Things need to change — for the better.”

Several women have also signed the pledge.

“I will only appear in and attend events where there is gender balance,” said professional coach Michelle Redfern, who is based in Melbourne. “One token female is not enough.”