WiVR Goals

The goals of the WiVR are to:

  • Participate in VR-related conferences
  • Conduct a WiVR conference
  • Publish how-to guides for companies looking to recruit women to these jobs
  • Sponsor studies and research to identify what keeps women from entering the field, or what encourages them do enter the field of ┬ávirtual reality
  • Provide experts and speakers for the media
  • Generate visibility around the issues related to women in virtual reality
  • Provide networking opportunities for women in virtual reality
  • Provide statistical information of women in virtual reality fields, track leaders, association memberships, and scholarships
  • Connect corporations and organizations who could benefit from the use of virtual reality with Universities and Colleges where women are doing innovative virtual reality projects
  • Create a useful database or innovation repository of the work being done by women in virtual reality
  • Comment on new and breaking news issues in virtual reality